Welcome to Angler's Passport ~ New Zealand

The fishing in New Zealand is second to none and offers some of the best trout fishing in the world.

New Zealand fishing is top notch with classic sight fishing for rainbow and brown trout as well as saltwater fly fishing and big game fishing. The largest striped marlin in the world are caught off the shores of New Zealand's North Island in the Bay of Islands and Bay of Plenty and the yellowfin tuna and yellowtail or kingfish as the Kiwi's refer to it, offer some unique opportunities for heavy tackle fishing in the same areas. Come to Te Kaha or Russell to try your hand at catching a big marlin or have a fish fry with some of the beautiful New Zealand fish you've caught out on the boat. No matter what your quarry, New Zealand fishing is as good as it gets.

Mary Smiley, owner of Angler’s Passport, is accredited by Tourism New Zealand as a 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist. Kiwi Specialist travel agents are trained and certified "New Zealand vacation planning Experts." Besides having done extensive online training and being up to date with destination product updates, Mary has spent a considerable amount of time in New Zealand and knows the guides, tours, accommodations and products personally. Having been to New Zealand once to twice a year for the past 17 years, she knows the country better than most “Kiwis” (that’s the people of New Zealand, not the birds or fruit).

We also pride ourselves at customizing our clients' itineraries so they are getting a true Kiwi experience and not just following other Americans around through the most populated and touristy areas of the country. We like using more off the beaten path destinations within New Zealand offering you more of a true view of what the country and people have to offer. New Zealand fishing is our specialty and we invite you to come tour with us even if you don’t want to fish. There is so much to see and do in this magical and beautiful country, you certainly don’t have to fish to have a good time. Since we know the country so well, and all the tours, train rides, wineries and accommodations, we are happy to do it as it’s like a second home for us.